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We do everything a company needs to bring power to their facilities including the installation of generators, transformers and conductors to existing switches. We also erect utility poles, anchors and risers.

Underground (200 and 600 amp)  & Overhead Distribution / Transmission.


We provide preventative maintenance to customers who rely on continuous power and cannot afford outages!

This includes: dismantling, inspecting, cleaning, brushing, “gooping” and reconnecting all connections to insure their reliability.

We test wood poles below the ground level to detect early stages of rot and visually inspect them above ground for cracks, fractures, nature/animal caused damage and other structural breeches.

24/7 Emergency

We are always here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week troubling shoot problems and make immediate repairs to ensure that our customers’ operations run smoothly.


Emergency 24/7  “downed” power lines, Burnt out transformers,

bad connections, broken power poles, and underground faults.

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